Oh how time flies…

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Well y’all its been a while since I’ve posted. I’d ran out of interesting anecdotes. I still have none to offer, but I felt that now would be a good time to leap back into the blogosphere. Especially because blogosphere doesn’t inspire a red squiggly line to come and nest under it. As of now this is just a re-introductory post, and that is all I have to offer. But hopefully within the next (insert time period here) I will have more to say



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ask questions

answer questions

read other people’s answers/opinions



David Croyts

February 16, 2009 by

Recently, it has come to my attention that a star is not getting the attention he deserves. That is a huge problem. David Croyts, the famed hunter of poog, has not been getting the attention that is due to one of status. David Croyts though young and slightly novice has achieved a lot for those so inclined to hunting poog. Soon to become a legend, he has inspired many to pursue their dreams. He even has a facebook following. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=65808362240.
Now you have to ask yourself, how is your life? How do you feel living a pre-David Croyts existence? Is it meaningful. Do you enjoy it? I doubt you do, but there is still time to reconcile yourself, you still can gain a meaningful existence. You can too, become a fan of David Croyts


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I realized that we haven’t posted anything on here in a while. Which sucks cause it means that we’re running out of things to talk about. =/ So. I have come up with something very extremely interesting to discuss! CONCERTS! woohoo. so Warped Tour is coming in the summer and Bamboozle [Left] is coming soon in April. I am extremely excited for the Bamboozle Left. Mainly because NeverShoutNever! is playing and I realized that that’s the only reason I would want to go to the concert. Bamboozle Left is taking a hell of a long time to announce the bands that are playing. Last year everything was announced by now and they are just lagging it. But I guess it’s a bit more exciting but not really. Anyways..to Warped Tour. The line up has become a little crappy since before. What happened to Bad Religion and all of those amazing bands!? I love some of the bands playing but they need to bring back the actually rock. Not the pop crap. In the end I will probably end up going to at least one date of this year’s Warped Tour and I hopefully will go see NeverShoutNever! =]


# 15

# 15



Now, to other band tours. The Academy Is… and The Cab are playing a couple of shows together in Hot Topic stores around the country. BUT no California. Major disappointment. I have been dying to see The Academy Is… again and I wouldn’t mind seeing The Cab for a second time also. Oh well. I will eventually see them both again. =] Ludo is touring also and again, no California. I hate it when that happens. =/ I also hate when bands play on school nights. I don’t know about you guys but my parents are kind of jerks when it comes to letting me out on school nights, or any other night for that matter. So I will have to wait about 8 more months until I can go out on my own. On school nights and see some amazing bands. Otherwise I’ll just have to sneak out.
So it’s concert time kids! Go out there make some memories, meet some amazing people, and fall in love with a band(s). Don’t let the fact that it’s a school night stop you from having the greatest time of your life!


“]Hes Brilliant. =]

He's Brilliant. =


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Too Short - Get in Where You Fit In

Too Short - Get in Where You Fit In

Hello kiddies,
For those of you young enough to still be choosing schools, or even too young to care, be sure to choose where you go wisely. I don’t just mean the academic aspects of college, but all aspects. Like some wise person (I just googled it, and this my have originated with Too Short, but idk) once said, “Get in where you fit in.” Now, I don’t know exactly how it was originally meant to be interpreted, but in this case, make sure the place where you go fits you and you fit it. Don’t make a college decision based on where your friends are going, or distance, or family, or any of the other bullshitty reasons…. decide by how you’ll be there. What I mean by that is that different environments nurture different parts of you, and you don’t want to end up in the wrong environment nurturing the wrong part.

I bring this all up because today I visited one of my bff’s at his school. Now he seems to really enjoy being there, and I think its great, but I hate his campus. The school is too stretched out, they have about 80 school buildings which go by numbers instead of names, and they have a shit load of farms and shit. I actually don’t mind the farms, but the rest is v. annoying. At my school, we have about 10 buildings in which classes are held, and they are all named. Me and the bffl have both been attending school for the same amount of time, but he still doesn’t know where all his school buildings are, I know where all mine are. So, yeah the school annoyed me. It got me thinking though, what if I had decided to go here, would I feel the same? I came to the conclusion, that I probably would, because if something sucks, it sucks, and I would get pretty tired of going to a shit school. I love my school, and I’m really glad I ended up going there. Even though I applied by accident. 😀

So, when choosing which school to attend, chose wisely, and I’m not going to say don’t let anyone influence your decision, because my sister totally picked this school for me, but make sure that if you do let someone else nudge you, that you won’t regret that nudge. Also, once you do get to your place of higher education, make sure you don’t fall into the wrong crowd. Wow, this just turned into a public service announcement, I’m so lame :/ I’ll guess I’ll end this here.

courtesy of allbusinessrecords.com

courtesy of allbusinessrecords.com

Hello Brother.

January 4, 2009 by

[the brother thing has to do with A Clockwork Orange,yes i know, i’m obsessed.]

anyways. I’m Laura. and i will also be posting on this here blog every now and again. I do have my own blog. iwascuredalright.wordpress.com so if you wanna go there you can. =] well yeah. nice to meet you. i’ll try to make my blog posts as interesting as possible but let’s all keep in mind that i’m a 17 year old kid that hasn’t stepped out into the “real” world yet. (whatever that means) so yeah. later days.

Johnny Cupcakes

January 4, 2009 by

Going on adventures with friends is always exciting. Its a time to relax( and by relax I mean freak out about being lost) with the people who sorta get you.

Around 12:45 today I had received a text message from Chubzz asking very cryptically what I was doing today. When I replied nothing she ‘mhmm’ed and that was all. I was busy playing my guitar so I hadn’t realized she hadn’t written back for a while. By the time I realized it, I was wondering what was up so I texted back a simple ‘…’ to see if she could explain her randomness. She asked me if I wanted to go to Hollywood to go to a store, Johnny Cupcakes, with her. Since I had no plans, I said sure, and we invited Dora and SaraWeed.

The Metro Red Line

The Metro Red Line

The Metro Gold Line

The Metro Gold Line

After getting ready, and meeting at SaraWeed’s place we began our journey. Since my car was out commission, and Chubzz car had a low capacity, we were going to have to use public transportation. We walked towards the Gold Line station, on the way there hoping that the bus would come first, unfortunately, while we were near the street the bus stopped on it passed us. It was okay though we didn’t really mind the walk, it was only around 15 minutes. Finally, we got to the train station and purchased our tickets. It was at this time that I begun to miss San Francisco. On the Muni system I pay $1.50 and I’m covered for 2 hours- sometimes more if the bus driver was awesome, but back home in LA it’s $1.25 for each bus taken. My cheap ass doesn’t enjoy that. But anyways, we got our tickets and boarded the train, which conveniently came within a minute of purchasing our tickets. On the train we had some random conversation, mostly me promoting my school to these youngins. When we finally arrived at our stop, which happened to be the last stop, we began to realize we had a little dilemma, we didn’t actually know where the store was, and we all lacked iPhones( or other internet capable devices), so we had to call someone from back home for directions. Lucky mta.net is so convient. Chubzz, who had been to the store, didn’t trust the directions given by the site, cuz that was not the way she got there before. So we looked at a map, and Team Awesome (me and Dora) figured out how to navigate. It took us 20 minutes before we begun to wonder if we indeed had wandered in the right direction, and when we stopped to ask for directions, we saw the bus passing us up :(, luckily that was a sign we were in the right direction.

So we got on the bus, and from there idk how long it took, but by the time we got off it was completely dark. We had missed our bus stop, by only one thankfully, so we had to walk back a couple of blocks. We had finally arrived at Johnny Cupcakes. When we got there we asked if Johnny were in but the employees,who were fashionably dressed and attractive, told us that he had just left five minutes before. So basically if we hadn’t gotten lost, then we wouldn’t have missed him. Chubbz was devastated, seeing how the point of the whole journey was to see him… and to buy some fashionable T-shirts. Luckily, one of the probably soon to be fired workers told that he was actually in the restaurant across the street, Froma, which happens to be a gourmet something or other with really expensive cheese and panini and wine.


Froma on Melrose

We then gotten into a 30 minute standstill where we had to decide if we were going to accost him for pictures. All the while taken creepy obvious unsneaky stalker pictures. I think anyone could notice a camera flash in your direction from across the street Chubzz, who was the one actually determined to see him, needed to decided whether or not we would go in Froma. The kindhearted employees of Johnny Cupcakes joined in some pestering to encourage her to man up and stop being such a pussy and go talk to him… it didn’t work.

Kind hearted employee

Kind hearted employee/ hot model chick 😉

So we finally decided to wander away from the store, as we were there for quite some time. We crossed the street and we were very hungry, so Team Awesome decided to venture into Froma, Johnny Cupcakes be damned and get some food. It turns out food was a little expensive so Dora just got tea. As we were leaving I happened to glance in Johnny’s direction to find he was looking at me, he offered me a picture, and I being the great friend I am ran, outside to get Chubzz and Dora so they could be included in the Kodak moment.

We got our pictures which was what we came for, then decided to head home before we passed out from hunger. Had to walk about three blocks before we could find a bus stop, took a couple of ‘waiting-at-the-bus-stop’ pics then got on. Got of on someone random ass street, I think Melrose and Vermont, to find the metro station, stopped at McDonald’s to satisfy some hunger, then ventured the 4 blocks to the station. When we entered the station it was with a little fear and apprehension, because it was like a ghost town. Not a single creature was stirring, not even a mouse. We were a little relieved to find one other person when we got down to the platform. Got on our train, and unfortunately had to stand for a while. When we got off, there was a boat load off people, and some random dude tapped my shoulder saying ‘wassup’, I was very very very uninterested so I walked towards the escalator a little bit faster. Transferred onto our other train, and luckily we only had a little more left to our journey. A quick stop at the liqueur store where we purchased hot cheetos and lottery tickets. I got carded, which rarely happens, and even when I showed him my ID he looked like he still didn’t want to sell the ticket to me. I lost, I am sad, but not surprised. Then we walked to Subway, for a quick meal before heading home.

And that was an end to a fantastical journey. A tiring journey. A refreshing journey. An excuse to blog.

The ancient art of tattoo

December 29, 2008 by

So today I went along with my friend so can she get her tattoo done. She had spent days deliberating about what she wanted to get and today she finally decided. It took 3 hours but she walked out of the parlor with a boom box on her hip. This made me want a tattoo, well more than I already wanted. Now I had this intense desire to take my financial aid money and dish it on some creative arts. It would meet my GE requirement, lol. 

When getting a tattoo you have to think long and hard about it, because for the most part they are permanent. Thats why you have to get something you would always like, something that always be true of you, and something you will never be embarrassed about. After thinking about what you want, you have to think about where you want it. Do you want it somewhre highly visible so you can show it off, or somewhere very discreet so its sorta like your dirty little secret. Also you have to think, in 5 years would it really be acceptable to have in the career that your pursuing. Thats why if I ever were to get a tattoo I would get a leo symbol and a lion placed on my back. I will always be a leo, I will always think cats are cute, and depending on what I wear my tattoo could be inconspicuous or very overt. 

it would be somehting like this:

This is hella cool, but i want mine COOLER!

This is hella cool, but i want mine COOLER!

So, for all of the people reading this, if you could get any tattoo free of charge and chagrin, what would you get? where would you get it? and why?

The Rocky Horror Sound of Rentspray Awakening

December 28, 2008 by


The Rocky Horror Sound of Rentspray Awakening, winner in... every category!

The Rocky Horror Sound of Rentspray Awakening, winner in... every category!


Well its that time again….. don’t try to pretend you know what time I’m talking about, you don’t, but its the time for me to blog. 

So, I’ve been thinking about musicals a lot , as I’m trying to pen my own (coming soon to a stage near you), and I wanted to comment on my favorite musicals.

But then I realized that I know hate musicals and that my feelings about are peppered by The Horror Sound of Rentspray Awakening. For those os you who don’t know what that is, and that should be everyone who doesn’t currently go to school with me, that is a compilation of a few aggravating, overly watched by some who may not be named people, musicals. Its prolly easy to figure out, but I’ll break it down for you: Rocky Horror, Sound of Music, Rent, Hairspray, and the last isn’t overplayed in any way and I do enjoy immensely is Spring Awakening. It all started…. well I actually don’t know when it started but it was sometime in the last four months, lol, and our lovely friends from across the hall would, every night, watch some random ass musical. At first it was cool, because I motherfucking love musicals, but after 3 weeks of walking across the hall to see damn movies being played over and over you get a little tired. So yea, Eelsman, when asked about what are Friend From Next Door (FFND from now) were doing said, “nigga I don’t know, they’re probably watching The Rocky Horror Sound of Rentspray Awakening.” It was from there that this great name was born, and for that i will always be grateful.

So now your wondering the relevance of all of this, and I’ll tell you, I miss my college friends…. no I’m lying, I’m really bored and I’m thinking of watching a musical…. also I’m watching Wicked in a couple of months and I’m really excited.


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I’m on a posting rampage!

Well I logged on to my Myspace today… don’t actually know why… and a random high-school associate with whom I am myspace friends with had just recently uploaded a mobile picture according to the newsfeed. In the picture I noticed she was looking hella scene, so I wanted to check out the rest of her profile pics, I go and notice there is an album called… Stickam, it was upon viewing this i thought, you can’t get more scene than that. It made me think about all the scene things I have seen since I started using the internet like I breathe, the best one and my favorite of all is actually a satire about scene kids. Scene Kid Love, starring Stevie Ryan and Adam Paranoia, or as StickyDrama calls him Mr. Stevie Ryan. Scene Kid Love is some youtube webseries, that is great, its humorous to those who are part of the scene and to those who aren’t. But its been a while since it has been updated :(, so for all of the two or so people who read this, I want you to go, and comment on episode 8, saying how much you miss it, and hopefully they’ll post number 9.  So, yea here is episode 1 if your a newb:  


and episode 8 if you just want to be a good citizen and get an update in: